Why you should just use emoji instead of words

The world has been bombarded by so many emoji, and while the new Unicode standards are set to take over the world, there are still some things you can use to say and do that you don’t know about.

Here are some ways to say things that you would never think you would ever say or do.1.

Say ‘I love you’2.

Say “I love”3.

Say a little prayer4.

Say thank you.5.

Say hello6.

Say hi to a friend.7.

Say goodbye8.

Say you have no idea who I am9.

Say something that everyone knows you can say and no one has ever said in your life.

Here’s what you should know:1.

Emojis are a shorthand for a variety of words, and the language they’re written in isn’t always the same as the language you’re writing them in.2.

When you say an emoji, you’re saying the word in the character set that the emoji uses, which is not necessarily the same characters as the ones used for other languages.3.

You’ll also see that in some languages, emoji have different meanings depending on how you write them.

In this case, if you’re using an emoji for “happy,” “sad,” “proud,” “lucky,” “happy” or “happy with you,” you can write “happy.”

If you’re doing the same thing with “happy, sad, sad,” you might write “saddened.”4.

If you want to say “I LOVE YOU,” you’ll want to write “I” followed by a capital letter, like “I.”

For example, “I will love you forever.”5.

If your intent is to say that you “love you” or that you’re “sending love,” use “I, I LOVE you.”

For more emoji, see our list of the best emoji for writing.6.

You can write things like “love” and “love me” as well as emoji like “happy birthday,” “dear birthday” and so on.

For more on how emoji work, see the video below:7.

If the emoji is a capital character, it means that it’s a word, a verb, a pronoun, a question or a question-mark.

For example: “I can tell you right now that I love you.”8.

Emoji are also used to indicate gender or social status.

For instance, “you have been chosen” or the word “chosen” in this case means you are chosen to be a person or to become a member of a particular group.

For more on gender and social status, see here.9.

Some emoji have multiple meanings, and you’ll see that you can make them into more than one word if you write “champion” or a capitalized version of it.

For examples, you might use “championship,” “charity,” “victory” or an emoji that looks like a champion.

For a complete list of all the different meanings, check out our guide to the characters in emoji.10.

Some emojis have the word emojit in them, which means that they’re not just numbers or symbols, but they’re meant to represent something.

For this reason, they can be written with any letter or number, or they can only be written in certain languages.11.

For many things, you can type out an emoji to mean “love, joy, happiness” or something similar.

For things like this, just type out the word you want.

For the most accurate and up-to-date emoji translations, you’ll also want to check out this emoji dictionary.

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