Why is this Irish girl so fit?

This year, the average Irish woman will have to spend about €1,500 on fitness equipment for her body to look and feel good, according to the latest figures from the Irish Fitness Industry Association (IFIA).

The IFI said the average expenditure was almost €900.

It’s a big difference and, of course, there is always room for debate.

But, according the IFI, there are some big changes in the way women are buying and using fitness equipment.

The industry said the biggest change is that women are more interested in a well-rounded lifestyle and in being active.

In addition, more women are spending time with family and friends, the industry said.

It said that the shift from a traditional to a more active lifestyle has led to a significant reduction in the cost of fitness equipment and the overall quality of life for women.

A lot of people say the best thing for a woman is to be active and to look good, but in reality, this is a very costly activity.

This is one of the biggest reasons that women don’t want to spend the money for an exercise regime, but instead want to keep their fitness levels high, the IFIA said.

There is a huge difference between spending money and spending time.

For example, women are not spending money on exercising in the gym, they’re spending money to look like they’re active, according Michael Breen, the CEO of IFI.

This makes a lot of sense, said Breen.

There’s a lot to be gained from having a healthy lifestyle.

There are so many other reasons to buy a gym membership and a physical activity regime.

Women are using the same exercise equipment as men, and they’re not paying attention to the quality of the equipment.

There will be a difference between an average male and a woman buying a fitness equipment, said Martin Byrne, the president of the Irish National Fitness Federation (INFN).

Men, for example, tend to be more interested on what the average woman is doing than men buying equipment, he said.

“I’m a bit surprised that women aren’t buying better equipment,” he said, adding that there’s no reason why women should have to.

But he’s concerned that there will be more women using exercise equipment in the future, which will put more strain on the equipment and equipment suppliers.

The IFIA estimates that the average cost of a gym member will be around €1.25 per hour, which is significantly higher than the average wage.

This will add up over time, as women continue to increase their participation in the workplace, according a recent survey by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).

If the average is around €900, that means a woman will spend about 10 per cent more per hour than a man.

The average wage in Ireland, however, is around £1,700 a year.

There have been recent changes in how the cost is being calculated, according with the IFS.

For the past two years, a member is entitled to €1 in benefits, but now it’s being cut to €800 a year, which makes a significant difference, said Byrne.

In some cases, the amount of benefit is being cut by as much as 60 per cent.

However, a woman who is taking a six-week maternity leave is still entitled to just €700 a month.

In order to be considered eligible for the benefit, a person needs to take part in a period of work that lasts for at least two weeks.

A woman on maternity leave would also have to take at least three weeks of unpaid work each month to qualify.

The IFS said it would be more appropriate to look at how people are spending money.

If they’re taking advantage of other government schemes, such as the Irish Works scheme, it can help to know how much of their income is going to pay for gym membership.

“There’s always a possibility that there might be an increase in the expenditure of membership,” said Byrne, who noted that women tend to spend less on gym equipment than men.

“But if we are looking at expenditure of any kind, it’s likely to be higher in women than men.”

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