Which fitness tracker is right for you?

Active fitness tracker fitness tracker active fitness tracker article Fitbit has announced its first smart fitness tracker, which boasts a range of features including a “flexible and easy-to-use interface” and a “simple, elegant design”.

The Fitbit Blaze, which launches on June 15, will offer up to 12 active fitness metrics, including calories burned, heart rate, distance covered, steps, and speed.

It has a built-in “Fitness Hub” that will track your activity in real time and give you an average daily number for each activity.

Users can also set personalised workouts, which can include a running or cycling workout.

The Blaze will be compatible with many fitness apps, including the popular Nike+ and Jawbone apps.

It will also be available for the iPhone, Android and Apple Watch.

The Fitbits Blaze will have a price tag of $150, but its launch comes after the company launched its first wearable fitness tracker the Fitbit Charge HR last year.

It has also announced that it has partnered with Microsoft to make its fitness tracker a Windows 10 PC.

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