When you are not competing in an NFL game, the NFL may want you to be at the gym

The NFL is looking for new ways to promote fitness for its athletes.

In recent years, the league has used its annual football draft to promote its annual fitness programs.

And now, NFL players are looking to the same platform to get their workouts in.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) announced today that they are partnering to create an online fitness app for the 2018 season that would be available to the public.

The app, dubbed the “NCAA’s Player Fitness,” would feature a daily fitness challenge, an app-based workout system, and a calendar of workouts that players could sign up for on the app.

The app would also have an in-game video player.

The league’s athletic director for players, John Mara, said that while he has been a proponent of physical fitness for years, he didn’t realize that he had the platform and the players in his corner.

“I had this idea that it would be an app that could be used by all of the players, and I think the players understand that, too,” Mara said in a statement.

“And that’s really the key to making it work.

We’re not doing a bunch of pushy things.

We just want them to get it done.”

The league has made strides in promoting physical activity in the past few years, particularly for high school players.

In 2015, the NCAA created the National College-Level Athletic Foundation (NCAFF) to help develop and implement a program of “intelligent, high-impact physical activity and exercise for athletes of all ages and skill levels.”

The program, which began in the spring of 2017, is focused on promoting sports that allow athletes to get more work done, such as football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, track and field, and track and cross country.

The goal of the program is to create a foundation for sports that are accessible to everyone, Mara said.

“As we get closer to the NCAA Championships, it’s really important for the NCAFF to be able to get this program into the hands of the entire sport,” he said.

The new app would be a way for the NCAA to create awareness and build relationships with the players that have made it into the league.

It would also help to create more connections with the player population as well as the NCAA as it prepares to host the 2021 season.

The NFLPA will help the league build the app, as it will handle marketing and advertising on the site.

The NFLPA hopes that the app will become a regular part of the league’s marketing efforts, as well.

“We’re excited to get the NFLPA involved in this initiative,” Mara told ESPN.

“I’m not sure that they’ll ever be able a year from now to come up with a more innovative way to help players achieve their goals.

We know the NFL wants to be the leader in this area.”

In order to get a fitness challenge into the app in 2018, players must register for it through the NCAA’s website and sign up through the app on its website.

If players do not sign up within 24 hours, they will be notified via email.

The NCAFEF also announced that it will host a workshop to help the NCAA design and implement the app and fitness challenges.

The program is available for free on the NFL’s official website and the NFL App, and will be made available to all players starting with the 2021 NFL season.

For more on the NCACF and NFLPA’s partnership, check out the following:

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