When a child grows up and gets the fitness connections, the parents need to take them to their doctors

When your child gets into school, they can expect to learn about exercise and fitness, but they don’t know anything about health and wellness.

Now, this is changing, as more and more children are learning to exercise, but how they get the fitness connection is not.

The answer lies in the child’s physical and mental development, which will be different for every child.

Fitness and health connections are essential for developing a healthy child, but the parent is the one who should be the focus, says Rakesh Bhardwaj, co-founder and founder of Fitness Connection, an online fitness portal.

“If the child is not getting a healthy fit from their physical education, then the parents can’t really help,” says Bhardwaraj.

As a child, kids often have a difficult time making connections with the world around them.

This can lead to poor health, depression, and even obesity.

“I’ve seen a lot of kids that are getting bullied at school.

Kids don’t feel safe.

They feel ashamed.

So they are scared of people, and they feel that they need to fit in,” says Naveen Kapur, a nutritionist at Rakeshees Health Services in New Delhi.

It is the parents who are the ones who should take the children to their health care.

“Your child should be a part of the solution to this.

So, parents should help your child to feel comfortable with their physical environment, and to learn the science behind physical activity,” says Kapur.

The key is to take the child to their doctor.

There is no cure for obesity and the key is getting your child involved in physical activity and getting them involved in a healthy environment, he says.

But the key here is the parent and the child being comfortable together.

As for how parents can be involved in the fitness community, Kapur recommends that parents should follow a two-pronged approach.

First, the child should get a doctor’s referral from their primary doctor or primary health worker, who should provide them with a physical education curriculum, and a physical activity programme, both in English.

Second, parents can follow the children’s progress through exercise and physical activity sessions.

“It’s a simple process that they can follow with their child,” says Kalyani.

Fitness Connected, a fitness and wellness website for parents and children, also helps parents with fitness and physical education.

A good physical education programme should be easy to follow, and the parents should be able to follow their child’s progress.

“Parents should be involved with the health and fitness of their child.

They should take them on physical fitness outings, and we should provide regular fitness and health checkups.

This is something we have tried to do with the child through Fitness Connect,” says Amit Sharma, managing director of Fitness Connect.

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