What to know about the ‘Blue Streak’ for the 2018 midterm elections

On a cold morning in early January, I headed to a small, one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood.

The apartment is an homage to the original Blue Streak, a hip-hop/streetwear movement that began in 2005.

Its members have become a recognizable part of the fabric of American culture, and the name “Blue Streaks” refers to their trademark white sneakers and blue jeans.

It’s a fitting nickname for the group, as the brand’s signature color is white.

But what does the name of the group really mean?

And how does the Blue Streaks fit in with the larger culture of contemporary hip-hopping?

“Blue streaks” in the sense of a blue sky or a blue horizon are a relatively new term in hip-hops, a genre that has existed for years in music, art and pop culture, according to Darryl McQuinn, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism.

But it hasn’t gained much traction in popular culture, he said.

“The word ‘blue streak’ is not really used in the mainstream hip- hop lexicon.

People use it loosely and loosely.

It doesn’t really mean much.”

McQuin, who is an expert on the term, said that the term comes from the “blues” of a blues song, “Bubbly Boogie.”

The term originated with the hip-hippie movement of the 1960s and ’70s, where people started wearing white sneakers to get the blues going.

While it’s an apt description of the Blue Spot sneakers, McQuins said, it doesn’t accurately reflect the group’s style or identity.

“Blue streak is more of a metaphor for a time period that has a very specific aesthetic and aesthetic that is different from what people are talking about today,” he said, referring to the period in the late 1990s and early 2000s when the Blue Strikers and other members of the popular hip-Hop group Bad Boyz began releasing their own releases.

“There are a lot of people who were just in a bubble of the ’90s and their early days.

They were just playing the blues music, and it was very trendy.

People were into it.

It was just a new style of music that was cool to be a part of.”

In the late ’90/early 2000s, the hip hop community embraced the trend.

It gave the young people a new identity, and they also embraced the brand.

The brand was one of the hottest items in the music store and social media marketplaces at the time, said McQuinstn.

“People started to buy these sneakers because they looked cool and they looked good.

But then it was also a way to express themselves.

They started to wear them because they wanted to show that they could play the blues and they could sing.

The sneakers were the first thing they wore to a party or a party event.

They weren’t just going to take them to a dance party or they were going to wear a blue shirt and jeans and wear a tie.”

When Bad Boy and Blue Strekys first began releasing records, their music videos and accompanying artwork were all produced in Los Angeles.

It wasn’t until 2002, however, that the group began producing their own videos in New York City.

That’s when the style of the music began to change.

“By 2002, it was the time of the new generation of hip- Hop artists,” McQuintn said.

In the videos that have come out of the brand, Mcquintn explained, “the people in the videos are doing things that we’ve never seen before, so they’re looking really different.”

This style of hip hop was not something that existed in the 1960-1970s, McQueen said.

It started in the mid-2000s, he added.

“It was just happening on the internet in a very new way.

People just couldn’t get their heads around it.”

But what exactly did the Blue Stars do?

“There were a lot more styles, a lot fewer of them,” McQueen explained.

In one of their videos, for example, the members are dressed up as the late rapper LL Cool J and performing in a performance space in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park.

“He’s wearing a blue sweater, and his pants are blue,” Mcquinstn said of the performance space’s namesake.

“I think he’s a rapper.

And I think he looks like he’s going to perform and that’s what it is.”

That was in 2003, before the group had released any music.

“We had no concept that it was going to be an everyday thing,” McQinstn explained.

But McQuills view of the hip Hop scene is not all that different from the fashion and music world.

“When the first hip hop album came out, it wasn’t really a thing, it just wasn’t cool.

I mean, there were

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