What is the future of exercise?

Fitness experts are warning of a future of physical inactivity and a lack of focus on physical activity as a key factor in a growing obesity epidemic.

The obesity epidemic is a major problem in the UK and worldwide and is estimated to be worth around £11bn a year.

Experts have warned of the need for more emphasis on physical fitness.

The Royal College of General Practitioners said in its report that “a major change in the way that people live their lives is required”.

“We are increasingly seeing people becoming obese, and this is a significant public health problem, with serious implications for the health of our children and for the wellbeing of society as a whole,” it said.

“We believe that people need more time, space and opportunities to get the best out of their lives.”

Professor Chris Taylor from the Royal College said the UK’s obesity epidemic was becoming more and more acute and that the country’s economic recovery could be delayed.

“It is becoming more evident that the NHS and the rest of the NHS are failing to deliver on its commitment to get people fit and healthy,” he said.

Professor Taylor said that if the NHS was not able to get more people fit it would be difficult to achieve the recovery needed.

“The government’s pledge to get us on track to recovery was a great success, but that has come at a cost, both in terms of health and lost productivity,” he added.

“As the recession hits and the recovery comes slower, we will need more money to fund our investments in the health service.”

What we need is more time for people to get fit.

“Professor Taylor warned that the lack of emphasis on exercise and physical activity was creating a culture where people were not focused on their physical health.

He said: “It is about getting people fit.

You need to be very focused on physical health to achieve this, and you need to make sure you are active to make it happen.

“Professor Alan Gendel, from the Institute of Clinical Nutrition, said the lack, or even the perceived lack, of physical activity could be linked to many health problems including obesity.”

You need to get enough exercise,” he told BBC News.”

A lot of people don’t get enough, but they don’t have to.

“Dr Gendels report found that in areas where people are not getting enough exercise, people are more likely to be overweight, and also have higher levels of body fat.

He said the “obesity paradox” was a growing problem in Britain.”

There’s a lot of evidence that suggests that physical activity is a way to reduce the risk of obesity,” he explained.

Dr Gaddels report said the health consequences of the obesity paradox could be felt at all levels of society.”

Healthy people who are not engaged in physical activity have a much lower risk of developing obesity than those who are engaged in active physical activity,” he concluded.”

Obesity is an issue that affects everybody, whether they’re in the workforce, in the workplace, in leisure activities or in other settings.

“He warned that there were now more “obstacles” to the “good exercise and health” message than ever before, and suggested that a change in attitude to physical activity might be a key part of reversing the trend.”

This is an opportunity to make changes that have been very successful in reducing the burden of obesity, but now we need to consider other things as well,” he warned.”

People need to engage more with other forms of physical and social activity.

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