Watch: The Avengers: Infinity War – What You Need to Know

The Avengers is now officially a movie!

Marvel is showing us the big, bad Avengers vs. The Avengers, which is in theaters and available to stream now.

But this is the biggest, baddest Marvel movie yet, so here’s what you need to know to get it.

What you need: Avengers: The Infinity War is set after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

But before that, we got a glimpse at what happens in the Avengers film with a sneak peek of a very brief, scene-by-scene look at Avengers: A New Hope.

Watch the video above to learn what we’ve seen so far and what we can expect in the film.

Here are the Avengers:Avengers: Infinity World Tour spoilersHere are some other details you’ll want to know about the upcoming film:This movie will be a standalone film, not a continuation of the Infinity War storyline.

It’s set after Avengers: Ultron and Avengers: War.

It’s the first time the MCU will go back to a major character’s origin story.

The Infinity War will be set in space.

It will take place on an unknown planet.

The heroes will be able to interact with each other and even interact with other aliens.

They’ll also be able control their own destiny.

The plotline will not revolve around the MCUs core villains.

There will be no Loki, no Thanos, no Quicksilver, no Vision, no Black Widow, no Scarlet Witch, and no Captain America.

It all begins with a small group of heroes who have come together to face a threat that they will all need to face in the end.

We are getting our first glimpse at Captain America’s true identity.

While the rest of the Avengers have been able to get the information from his past in Avengers: Civil War, Captain America has been unable to do so because of his own past.

So while this movie will have the same plot, we will get a little bit of the background behind Cap and see how he has changed since the beginning of Avengers 2.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is not in the movies yet.

But he is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so there will be more of an origin story about him.

He will be back in Avengers 2, where he’ll be a major player, along with Thor and the others.

It won’t be until after the Infinity Wars finale that he will be seen in the MCUMovie.

But we will definitely get to see his first fight with Iron Man, when he is actually pitted against the man who saved him in Avengers 1: The Vision and 2: Ultron.

Captain Marvel is back.

This time she is in an Avengers movie that will take us back to the early days of Marvel comics, when she was a kid.

She’s a bit of a different character than she was in the first film, but she still has the same core strength and skill sets.

In the movie, she is still able to control her own destiny, as well as the fate of others.

She will be joining the Avengers after the event that she was the first to discover in the comics, and will be battling Ultron and the rest.

She’ll have a new partner in Iron Man and Captain America, with the latter teaming up with the Avengers to help fight Thanos.

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