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MANDATORY CREDIT – NBC NEWS NEW YORK City:  New York City has officially declared a “fitness state” for 2018. 

As the country begins to embrace the fitness revolution, there’s been a noticeable shift in the city’s economy. 

And the new fitness craze has helped transform the entire industry. 

From health and wellness, to fitness apps, fitness gear, and fitness-related merchandise, the city has emerged as a leader in the wellness revolution. 

For the first time in a long time, people are walking more and people are exercising more, which has resulted in an economic boon for businesses. 

The city has also become a leader for the global fitness industry, as New York’s leading fitness brands are able to reach people around the world and serve their communities. 

In 2018, the average NYC resident has walked 3.6 miles, and exercised 4.5 hours a week. 

The city is also the country’s largest city for fitness-focused shops and services, which include Fitbit, Nike, and Under Armour. 

At the top of the list of the citys most notable businesses is Fitbit. 

Its fitness-themed stores have become the go-to destination for both women and men, and the company has made huge strides in attracting women to its platform. 

 In 2016, Fitbit became the first major retailer in the US to introduce a Fitbit wearable with the launch of the Fitbit Surge, a wearable device that combines a fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor, and an elliptical trainer to create a more functional and efficient way of running. 

Since then, the Fitbits have grown to become one of the most recognizable brands in the fitness industry.

The Surge is now available in more than 30 countries and is sold in over 150 stores worldwide. 

New York is also home to the largest gym in the world, and a growing number of new fitness apps are available to customers. 

These fitness apps have been used by tens of millions of people around an increasing number of cities. 

FitBit recently launched its Fitness for Health app, which will be available for iOS and Android devices this summer. 

For those who are already following Fitbit’s path, the company recently released a new fitness app for Android and Windows phones. 

While the company is still working on its new fitness-centric app, the app’s release came as a surprise. 

“We were blown away by the reception we got,” said Chris McNeil, FitBit’s senior vice president of marketing and digital media. 

He added that the company had a “tremendous amount of anticipation and excitement for the launch.” 

While a lot of the excitement is centered around the fitness apps and products, McNeil added that more than a million people have already downloaded and installed the app. 

When it comes to the overall fitness industry in NYC, McNeill noted that the number of people who are taking up the new lifestyle options has exploded. 

Fitness apps have proliferated, but so have the businesses.

There are hundreds of fitness-oriented retailers, restaurants, and gyms in NYC. 

McNeil noted that these fitness-based businesses have created jobs for local residents, and have helped make NYC a more desirable place to live. 

As the fitness cravel spreads, more and more people are starting to take up the lifestyle. 

Some of these new businesses have even turned into their own fitness-specific fitness shops. 

Mondays at the new Fitness for Life NYC  is an annual party that celebrates the life of a New York native. 

Every year, the party is held on the weekend, and includes live music, family-friendly activities, food trucks, and a free swim and fitness session for the entire family. 

Each year, there are also free fitness classes for children, which are open to everyone regardless of age. 

A few years ago, this was an event that drew around 100 people. 

Today, the number has grown to more than 2,000 people, and many of the attendees have families, friends, and co-workers. 

According to the New York Times, “The fitness craves are spreading beyond the city.

The San Francisco Bay Area has also seen a surge in the number and size of people attending fitness events.” 

The biggest growth has been in the Bay Area, where a large percentage of the population now lives in the greater San Francisco area. 

More and more businesses are starting up in the area, and these businesses are able and willing to serve their community. 

There are also a few restaurants and gyros that are doing brisk business in the new city. 

On Sunday, Mizuko’s is a popular destination for residents of the East Village. 

It serves delicious comfort food, with a focus

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