‘The worst moment of my life’: Woman who gave birth to twin babies, has been left with a broken arm after falling down stairs

A woman has been treated for severe facial injuries after falling out of a car window and crashing through a wall in a horrifying crash that left her with broken ribs and a fractured pelvis.

The 27-year-old was travelling in a vehicle when she was struck by a black Mercedes SUV on the A7 motorway in the South Wales town of Merthyr Tydfil, in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Her car crashed into a parked vehicle which hit the back of a parked car.

The woman was taken to hospital with minor injuries but has since been discharged.

Merthys County Council said the woman was “extremely lucky” to have survived the crash and the incident has now been closed off to all traffic and traffic-related activities.

The vehicle was later found to have a number of small holes and scrapes in the window.

The driver of the vehicle was not injured.

Merstys County Sheriff’s Office Constable Andrew Edwards said: “The driver of this vehicle has been taken to a local hospital for observation.”

“The incident has been closed to all vehicles and traffic as a precaution.”

I would like to thank the police for their assistance and to reassure everyone that there will be no further incidents in Merthyrs.

“Merthams Police said it was also working with other partners to investigate.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a crash as a crash in which one person or vehicles is hit and/or struck, including those resulting from a fall.

Merths County Council confirmed that the woman’s name was Rebecca Smith and her age was 24.

“The woman was travelling at a high rate of speed and was struck on the shoulder.””

She was travelling along the A8 at about 10:20pm when the collision occurred,” Merthylstyn Borough Council said.

“The woman was travelling at a high rate of speed and was struck on the shoulder.”

The woman has had minor injuries to her ribs and pelvis and she is now in hospital with a fractured left pelvis.

“It is understood that the car was travelling westbound on the highway at the time of the collision.

The crash was captured on CCTV and the driver of a silver Mitsubishi Lancer was arrested.

A police spokesman said: ‘A 29-year old male male from Merthayshire has been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and is currently in custody.’

He will appear in court tomorrow morning.

‘It’s a tragic incident that could have been avoided and the police are keen to find the person responsible.’

Merthryss County Council posted a video of the car on social media and said the driver had been taken into custody and a road safety message has been posted.

Mer thys County Ambulance Service said the car involved was a silver vehicle with the licence plate number “R8QX”.

It said a white Mitsubishis was travelling on the same road and had been stopped by Merthydys Police at about 11.40pm.

It said the male driver was driving his vehicle with a white passenger in the front.

Merthyss County Amburolle Service said a number have been taken from the scene and the accident is now being treated as a serious collision.

‘I can’t believe that anyone could be in that position,’ Merthymys Council’s Constable Andrew said.

Merseyside Police said: ‘[We] are treating this as a very serious collision, we have been working closely with Merthrys County Council and Merthyys Ambulances Service to ensure that there is no further impact on the public and road.’

Merths Merthshire Council said: [This is] the worst of my career I’ve had to take a lot of risk and this is the worst moment in my life I’ve lost a great partner, my daughter and a friend, I have lost a family member.

‘But I have to live with that every day.’

The collision has also affected the family’s business, the family restaurant, which had to close for a few days while it was re-opened.

‘This is the end of our life, and we have to move on,’ Mr Smith said.

‘You can’t take someone’s life away from them and it’s so sad.’

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