The Whoop Fitness Tracker and Planet Fitness are the new fad fitness trackers

Whoop fitness track, fitness tracker and Planet fitness are the latest fad fads, with fitness track users saying they’re more convenient and fun to wear than their old-fashioned counterparts.

The new devices, unveiled on Wednesday, are designed to help people feel more fit by tracking and recording their exercise.

They’re designed to track calories burned and heart rate, along with activity, activity intensity, activity frequency and pace.

The devices come with built-in GPS that’s powered by a GPS receiver, according to the company.

But users can also use a smartphone app that records their workout and shows it to others.

The apps can also sync their data with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Fitbit and other social media sites.

Whoop Fitness Track is the latest in a series of fitness track devices that debuted in the summer of 2016.

In June, Fitbits launched a fitness tracker called the Polar and the Fitbit Flex that was a $100 wearable fitness tracker with a built-into smartphone app.

In 2016, Nike released a $300 version of the Nike FuelBand that also recorded workout and activity data.

Fitbits recently announced the new Fitbit Run, a $50, GPS-enabled running wearable.

Fitbit, which makes the Whoop, has said it plans to add more fitness track features in the coming months.

In a press release announcing the new devices Wednesday, CEO Michael Breen said they “provide an easy way for people to track their fitness and help them improve their overall health.”

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