The Mirror Fitness Cost Comparison

Fitness Evolution Fitness Cost Trends Fitness Cost Evolving Fitness Cost Evolution Fitness Trend Cost Evolution The Mirror is a brand of fitness equipment company founded in 1997.They manufacture high quality fitness gear in the USA, Australia, Europe and Asia.The company is now owned by Nestlé, which acquired the company in 2014.Fitness Evolution has a wide […]

Why the new Instagram snap fitness models are making us all feel sexy again

With all the new fitness models out there and the advent of Instagram, it seems fitting that a new crop of fitness models is taking the spotlight.This new generation of Instagram fitness models, with their slim and slimming bodies and natural features, have been gaining some buzz. In fact, the new generation has already begun to […]

Which fitness tracker is the best fit for you?

Fitbit’s new Rogue Fit is a fitness tracker that offers a wide range of features.Its biggest draw is its GPS accuracy, which is improved from its predecessor’s 1.2Ghz accuracy, and the new Rogue’s fitness tracking feature, which lets users upload their workouts to a mobile app for analysis.Here’s what we thought of the new tracker: […]

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