Nike’s Rogue Fitness says it’s the first fitness brand to break the $1 billion mark in revenue

Nike’s elite-level athletic brand Rogue Fitness is now the world’s third-largest gym chain, behind only McDonalds and Domino’s Pizza, after it posted a record-breaking $1.4 billion in revenue last year. 

With $1,200 per membership for a gym membership in the U.S., Rogue is more expensive than most gyms.

Rogue Fitness, the world leader in indoor and outdoor sports training, said Tuesday that its total revenue surpassed $2 billion for the first time this year.

The company, which has a total of 4,400 gyms across the world, now operates in nearly 100 countries and plans to open more than 1,600 new facilities by 2019, CEO John Gorman said in a news release. 

“Rogue Fitness is uniquely positioned to help make a positive impact on the health and wellness of all of its members, and its success is built on the foundation of the highest-quality gym experience available,” Gorman added.

Rogue Fitness plans to expand its indoor sports and fitness facilities in the coming years, including adding a new indoor basketball and outdoor volleyball facility and a new gym for fitness enthusiasts.

The company is also expanding its outdoor sports and training facilities, including a new golf course for outdoor athletes, a new cycling facility, and a large indoor fitness center, which will include a “super-size” swimming pool and an indoor diving pool, Gorman continued.

“We will continue to focus on building a more sustainable, global business and, as we grow, we will also expand into other sports,” he said.

It’s unclear whether Rogue Fitness will expand beyond its indoor and indoor sports.

Rogue’s new revenue was bolstered by sales of apparel, including the Nike Elite Trainer 3 and the Rogue Fitness Elite Trainer 2, which the company introduced earlier this year, Gormen said.

“Our apparel business is growing fast and our apparel sales are growing even faster,” Gorman added.

“We believe our sports apparel business, which we currently sell through third-party vendors, will continue our success in the future.”

Rogue’s growth has been driven by sales from new apparel lines and fitness accessories, Groran added, and the company is now offering new products for women and men, too.

In the third quarter, Rogue’s athletic apparel business grossed $1 million, or 32 percent of total revenue, compared with $1m, or 27 percent, a year earlier, the company said.

The gym chain’s fitness accessories business also grew, but only slightly.

Rogue said it sold $1million in fitness accessories in the third fiscal quarter, up from $1ms in the second.

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