Muscle and fitness: Nude fit girls

The fitness industry is a huge and lucrative business in India, but many of the girls in this industry are naked.

While many girls are doing it for the love of exercise, they are also being pressured to cover up.

It’s no wonder they are getting a bad reputation in the industry.

The girls in the fitness industry are getting harassed for their body and they are being forced to be seen, said Sita Datta, a yoga instructor from Chennai who is one of the owners of the fitness business Gym and Fitness in Bangalore. 

Sita Dattas mother said, “The girls who are not skinny but lean are being teased and made to wear clothes that are made of a lot of plastic, made from rubber and other plastic materials.

This is making them feel uncomfortable.

I have seen this happening in the gym and we don’t have any nude fitness girls at the moment.

I want to tell girls like me that we can do this and I want the industry to change.” 

The girls have been forced to cover themselves in front of their peers, even their family members.

According to the girls, it’s not because of the fear of hurting their modesty, but because they are worried that they might get in trouble with the police. 

“I’m not worried about what happens to me or my family members, they will always be a target.

I am afraid of being arrested, even if I don’t do it myself.

I just want to show the world that there is a community that wants to change the industry and get girls like us out,” said Aishah, who is a yoga teacher from Madurai.

“There are so many people who have the right to be proud and to work in the business.

But, people have made me feel like this.

I can’t tell my parents about this, because it is not in their best interests,” said Shashikesh, who works in a yoga studio in Chennai.

 This is why I want everyone to know about the bikini, said Akshay, a student from Chennai. 

I want the community to be able to see naked girls like myself.

We can do it if we get the support of the community.

Akshary said. 

In the past, women had to cover their hair in order to work.

The bikini has come to symbolize the freedom that girls have in the world.

The bra and the bikini are seen as a sign of independence and empowerment.

In India, it is also a symbol of beauty.

In 2017, the bikini was officially recognised by the United Nations as a symbol and a part of human rights.

It is one more symbol that is being celebrated.

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