How to win your running fitness contest

Fitness competition can be fun, but when it comes to winning, your runner may be missing out on some big opportunities, say fitness experts.

A study by Australian Fitness Magazine found that fitness competitions often reward the most fit, most athletic runners with the most money, the biggest prizes and the biggest prize money.

But the study also found that runner’s who compete on the same day tend to be less successful than those who compete multiple days in a row.

A fitness competitor in Melbourne, Australia, in June, 2018.

(Photo: AP)The researchers analysed data from 2,000 runners who entered Australia’s three biggest fitness competitions in 2018.

They found that those who competed in a day on, day off and one off competition were found to be significantly more likely to be in the top 10% of runners and less likely to have won the prize money ($4,000 and $3,000 respectively).

The runner in the second position was also found to have a better chance of winning than the runner in third place.

“It’s really important that people look at competitions for what they’re trying to achieve,” Dr Michael Gove, chief executive officer of Australian Fitness, told The Hindu.

“If you’re not working on that, and you’re working on winning that contest, you’re doing it wrong.”

The researchers also found runners in the third position were more likely than the runners in fourth place to have failed to win a prize money prize of $50,000 ($28,000) but less likely than runners in fifth position to have been in the bottom 10%.

“The best runner is the one who’s winning all the competitions,” Dr Gove said.

“But if you’re a runner that’s not winning, you need to change what you’re trying for.”

The research was based on data from the 2018 Melbourne Marathon.

The marathon was hosted by the Melbourne University Health and Wellbeing Study.

The runners completed three short workouts in the mornings, then a longer workout in the afternoon, and a short run in the evening.

The study is published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine.

The researchers compared the number of times a participant completed each workout, the number that they completed at the finish line, and the number they completed in the final round.

They also looked at how long each runner spent running, the time they spent in the pool, and their overall performance.

The study found that runners in Melbourne did well overall, with the runner who completed the most time in the pools finishing in the middle of the pack.

However, the runner that spent the least time in a pool finished the lowest, with a total time of 17 minutes and 46 seconds.

The researchers found that the runners who spent the most in a running pool were the ones who finished in the last 10% (the middle of a pack), while those who spent less time in pools finished in third.

This pattern holds true in the finals, too, where the runner with the fewest time in an event is the runner the most likely to win.

“There’s a certain amount of pressure for the runners that are in the upper half of the top ten, but it’s hard to predict that a runner’s finishing in that bottom five percent,” Dr Fergus told The Australian.

“They’ll have a good night’s sleep, they’ll have some time off, they can rest and they’ll be happy with their performance.

But it’s not necessarily the case.”

A similar pattern was seen for the runner on the run, with runners in third or lower finishing in lower half of a group, while runners in higher half finishing in top ten.

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