How much does a $10.99 plan cost you?

The cost of a $1.99-a-month subscription to Fite TV, the nation’s largest pay-TV provider, is on average $8.75 a month, according to the company’s latest annual report.

The average price per month is $858, with the average price for the full year up by $17.99.

In 2016, Fite’s average monthly subscriber fee was $7.89.

For a typical household of four, a $2.49 monthly fee would put a household in the top 1 per cent of pay-television subscribers.

The top 10 per cent paid an average of $18.46 a month in total fees, the company said in its 2017 annual report, which was released Monday.

In a report on Thursday, Fitesaid the average monthly cost of its full-year 2017 annual fee was about $1,878, compared to $3,738 in 2016.

The report says the average cost of subscriptions to FitesTV’s “live” channels rose from $2,918 to $2 the year before, which is roughly in line with average annual fees for a typical cable or satellite provider.

FitesTV declined to comment on the report.

Fites TV subscribers spend $7 billion a year on cable and satellite packages.

The company said the average subscriber fee for a household of three with two children was $1 and $2 a month respectively.

The company also said it expects its 2017-19 total revenue to be about $3.2 billion, which would put it in the second spot in the pay-to-view pay-per-view (PPP) market behind Disney.

Fites said it was the third-largest pay-broadcasting provider in the U.S., behind Comcast, Charter and Verizon.

Its latest report also said its 2017 subscriber count was almost 3.2 million, up from 3.1 million in 2016, but still well short of the 3.5 million subscribers it claimed it had in 2020.

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