Fitbit Blaze: How it works

The Fitbit Force, which debuted in April, has been a hit with fitness enthusiasts.

It’s the first Fitbit device to feature the latest in Bluetooth technology and includes a fitness tracker that supports running and biking.

Now, the company has announced an updated version of its smartwatch, the Blaze, that features a more functional GPS receiver.

But its also packing some new features.

Fitbit has introduced a new fitness tracker, the Fitbit Blade, that will work with its popular Fitbit Surge fitness tracker.

The Blaze will work for the first time with the Fitbits Surge, which launched in June, and will also work with other smartwatches like the Apple Watch Series 3.

“As of this month, we have begun working with Fitbit to bring their Surge fitness tracking device to the Blaze and Blaze 2, so that all Fitbit devices that support Surge and Surge 2 will also have the ability to connect to the FitBit Blaze,” a Fitbit spokesperson said.

The company is also adding support for Garmin’s new GPS-based Connect IQ.

“The Blaze 2 will be able to connect with Garmin Connect IQ, which is a suite of connected devices that can enable you to stay connected, track your workouts, and more,” the spokesperson added.

The new Blaze 2 also includes a redesigned design and a new “Smart Fit” feature that will allow users to create custom workouts.

The device is expected to launch in the third quarter.

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