Fears over ‘unusual’ influx of refugees

NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump is planning to push through a sweeping overhaul of U.N. refugee programs that could significantly increase the number of people seeking refuge in the United States, as well as significantly reduce the number who are allowed into the country.

The changes would likely include an increase in the number allowed into this country and expand the number refugees allowed to resettle in the country, according to people familiar with the deliberations.

The White House has yet to finalize its final plan, and a draft draft of the plan was circulated to Trump last week and obtained by Reuters on Monday.

In a statement to Reuters on Tuesday, the White House said the president “strongly believes” that the U.K. and Germany are the best partners in the global fight against global terrorism and that he is “confident that the United Kingdom and Germany will be a strong partner in this effort”.

The administration’s decision on the U-turn could have broader implications for refugees who are already in the U, as the White Senate is weighing a similar approach.

Trump has faced criticism over his policies on refugees and other immigration.

He has proposed closing the U.-S-Mexico border and building a wall along the Mexican border to stop migrants from entering the United State.

But the U -S-based countries have already agreed to reduce the flow of people coming into the United $tates in a bid to reduce illegal immigration.

Trump also has called for an end to U.

Ns refugee resettlement program, saying it is not an effective tool to bring people from the Middle East and Africa to the United Stated.

“The refugees have a right to be able to go home.

If you don’t have a safe place to go back to your own country, you have no other choice than to go and you should go,” Trump told CNN’s “State of the Union” last month.

The U.n. refugee program was established in 1951 after World War II, with a quota system that allows people to be resettled in the countries they come from.

It is a major source of refugees fleeing conflict in the Middle Eastern and African regions, particularly Syria and Yemen, where violence has been raging for more than a year.

It is one of the main drivers of global refugee flows, with nearly 500,000 people arriving in the region in 2018.

In response to the Trump administration’s proposal, the European Union has said it is considering increasing the number for a similar program to include Syrians.

Germany and the United Arab Emirates have been pressing the United Nations to provide more visas to Syrian refugees, arguing that the system can be better used to bring more people from war-torn areas.

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