Women, fitness and weight loss

By Amy Fetterer, ContributorHealthNewsDaily.com The body can’t keep up with the demands of our busy lives.And as we age, we lose the strength to continue moving and maintain a healthy weight, according to a new study.The study found that women who were regularly exercising had greater bone density than women who didn’t exercise.It also showed […]

How to become a fitness icon in the 21st century

It’s a fitting name for a new fitness company, but the reality is that it’s already here and it’s in the hands of people who are already famous.It’s the American Family Fitness Evolution, and the name is fitting.The company, which was founded in 2016, was the first fitness brand launched by a woman since Nike, […]

Watch Fitbit Fitbit Blaze, Fitbit Charge 2, Fitbits Surge, and more on NBC News cover

MANDATORY CREDIT – NBC NEWS NEW YORK City:  New York City has officially declared a “fitness state” for 2018. As the country begins to embrace the fitness revolution, there’s been a noticeable shift in the city’s economy. And the new fitness craze has helped transform the entire industry. From health and wellness, to fitness apps, fitness gear, and […]

Why are some fitness apps so great?

With the rise of the iPhone and Android, fitness apps are getting increasingly popular, with apps like Fitbit and Fitbit 2 offering more than 300 different fitness trackers for your iPhone or Android device.As the fitness tracker market has exploded, fitness tracker manufacturers have started to focus on features that users want and need.The most […]

What’s in the next Apple TV update?

Posted October 02, 2018 09:31:10Apple’s next update to the Apple TV will be a more feature-rich version of the one that launched earlier this year.The new update will feature a “new TV experience” that will include a “more intelligent interface” and will introduce “new features to improve the overall user experience.”The news comes just a […]

How to get the most out of your workout routine with Planet Fitness careers

Fitness equipment is the perfect addition to any lifestyle.Planet Fitness, the leading fitness company, is known for providing equipment that can be worn anywhere.It has an extensive selection of fitness accessories to suit the individual needs.Whether you are looking for an elliptical machine to get fit, a yoga mat to help you stay in shape, […]

What to know about the ‘Blue Streak’ for the 2018 midterm elections

On a cold morning in early January, I headed to a small, one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood.The apartment is an homage to the original Blue Streak, a hip-hop/streetwear movement that began in 2005.Its members have become a recognizable part of the fabric of American culture, and the name “Blue Streaks” refers […]

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