How to make sure you get the right fit powder for your exercise regime

If you’re looking for a way to boost your heart rate and burn more calories, then you might be interested in a powder supplement.But, what’s the difference between a supplement and a weight-loss product? The difference is that a weight loss supplement is made up of a mixture of vitamins and minerals, while a supplement is […]

How to Get Fit, Drink More, and Get Happy at Work

Here are the top 10 ways to get more done at work.1.Be More Productive.Be more productive at work by making the right decisions and making the best decisions.Get creative, make the right connections, and be the best.2.Learn More about Yourself.The most important part of being productive is getting to know your employees.Take some time to […]

‘You’re getting better with each workout’ – Skechers

It is not a matter of whether you need to be fit, but how much.A new study has found that people with an unhealthy lifestyle are much more likely to have a sore or painful knee in the future. The study, conducted by the University of Sydney’s SUNY Health Sciences Center and the University at Albany Department of Medicine, […]

NHL: No player will have a greater share of rookie contracts than Kevin Shattenkirk

The NHL Players’ Association is set to announce a $1 billion settlement with former St. Louis Blues forward Kevin Shattrick over his alleged role in the death of his father, and it’s looking like the former NHLer will become the next player to earn the award.The NHLPA’s announcement comes less than two weeks after Shattenks […]

The Mirror Fitness Cost Comparison

Fitness Evolution Fitness Cost Trends Fitness Cost Evolving Fitness Cost Evolution Fitness Trend Cost Evolution The Mirror is a brand of fitness equipment company founded in 1997.They manufacture high quality fitness gear in the USA, Australia, Europe and Asia.The company is now owned by Nestlé, which acquired the company in 2014.Fitness Evolution has a wide […]

5 things you need to know about #Gamergate

Fit, not fat, has become the new black.The internet is littered with articles about people who want to gain weight, especially in relation to fitness, and now the hashtag #GamerGate is taking the weight loss trend to a whole new level.A video posted on Twitter by the actor Michaela Baldwin and rapper A$AP Rocky (who […]

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