Exercise classes near planet fitness have reached a new peak

Exercise classes at fitness centers near planet Fitness are in a new high for the past few months.

According to a report by The Jerusalem Report, exercise classes near the planet Fitness have surpassed the previous record held by one-week fitness classes at the Jerusalem Planet Fitness center in September.

The report said exercise classes were averaging around 2,000 people per hour, with up to 10,000 participants.

The Jerusalem Planet fitness center in Jerusalem, which is known for its fitness classes.

The facility, which opened in January, is located in the center of the central city of Ramallah, close to Jerusalem’s Old City and has been receiving large crowds since it opened in March.

In September, more than 10,500 people participated in exercise classes at Planet Fitness.

In January, the Jerusalem fitness center averaged more than 7,000 visitors per day.

Planet Fitness in Jerusalem is also the biggest fitness center of its kind in the world.

The center’s facility is designed for fitness professionals to work on a variety of physical and mental tasks.

It offers classes in yoga, swimming, strength and conditioning, fitness, nutrition, fitness center, and exercise.

The Planet Fitness facility is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and it has an indoor fitness center for people who can not make it to the fitness center.

A variety of classes are offered by the center including physical and cognitive exercise classes, yoga, and martial arts.

Planet fitness centers have been gaining popularity over the past several years.

According the report, in 2016, Planet Fitness opened its first fitness center at its former location in Tel Aviv, which was a former home of a fitness center that closed in 2000.

The new facility opened in September in Ramallah.

Planet currently has about 500 members in its community.

It has also opened a new fitness center near the capital, Ramallah in 2018.

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