How to Wear a Keto Fit Review

KetoFit is an online fitness group for people with diabetes.Its founders and members, mostly men, are all looking for ways to slim down.Its members have adopted a diet of high-carbohydrate, low-fat, low glycemic foods and are using keto as a substitute for insulin.But Keto fit also has a healthy side.Members have adopted some of the […]

Gold medalist Gold Medalist Gold medalists: The biggest names in women’s fitness

In a day of heavy speculation, the biggest names among women’s elite gymnastics have finally signed on to the fitness platform FitPal.The company is planning to roll out fitness software to its members, but the news comes as a surprise to some.The company was founded by American Olympic champion Sara McMurray and Canadian Olympian Jessica […]

How to win your running fitness contest

Fitness competition can be fun, but when it comes to winning, your runner may be missing out on some big opportunities, say fitness experts.A study by Australian Fitness Magazine found that fitness competitions often reward the most fit, most athletic runners with the most money, the biggest prizes and the biggest prize money.But the study […]

What’s the latest on the new NFL game?

On Monday, the NFL will introduce a new version of its football game that will include more replay, more “mesh,” and more player emotion.In other words, it’s more emotion, but not necessarily more action.This is part of a broader trend of increased replay in the NFL and a trend that is also gaining steam in […]

Planet Fitness to add a ‘flexible’ workout plan with new fitness cap

ESPN has rolled out a new fitness plan, fitting caps, and new workout plans.The fitness cap was introduced last month to address some of the criticisms from users who felt that the new plan wasn’t enough.Now Planet Fitness is offering a flexible plan with an adjustable workout schedule, according to the company’s website.A workout cap […]

Fitness gym owners fight back against federal guidelines

FitMeFoundation, the fitness and nutrition company that has been battling with the Food and Drug Administration over the labeling of its products, said Thursday it plans to appeal the agency’s decision to require it to make the changes.The FDA in April issued a new set of standards that require fitness equipment makers to include information […]

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