Copper fitting for women’s bra and panty style

A woman’s bra or panty fit should be simple and natural, according to the latest FitTech bra fitting survey.

The new survey of nearly 10,000 women found that nearly half of all women who had bra fit issues had a “tightness” in their bra that was making it difficult to wear them in everyday situations.

“Many women are wearing a bra that is too small for them,” said Jodi Fauci, a senior fit analyst with FitTech, the industry’s leader in women’s bras.

“That tightness is often causing problems when they need to wear a bra in public or when they want to wear it on a regular basis.”

The survey also found that many women were having trouble finding the right bra fitting, and that the majority of women in the survey were not able to get the right fit for their body type.

The survey found that about one-third of women surveyed had bra fitting issues, while nearly half said that their bra fit was too tight.

The results of the survey are the latest in a string of reports from FitTech and FitPillow.

Last month, the companies reported a slew of findings on how women’s fitting issues are changing.

In March, the company released the results of a survey of over 3,000 consumers, which found that more than half of women had bra fits that were too tight for them.

In May, FitTech released the findings of a study of more than 2,200 women, which showed that almost two-thirds of women said their bra fits were too loose.

Earlier this month, FitPills revealed a study that found that one-fifth of women have bra fits which are too tight in their bras.

In September, FitTec said that over one-quarter of women reported “tightening” their bras, and more than two-fifths of women say their bras are too loose in their cups.

“As more women are becoming more comfortable with wearing bras, bra fitting is becoming more of a hot topic,” Fauuci said.

“But women need to know that they are not alone when it comes to bra fitting.”

While the survey results are encouraging, many women who are struggling with fitting issues will need to wait a while to find the right fitting bra for their own personal style.

FitTech told The Verge that there are several ways to find your perfect fit: find a bra size that is close to the cups, and go with a small cup size, like 30D or 32G.

Also, find a size that fits you best, and try to get a size in the cup you like best.

And don’t let tight fitting bras prevent you from enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

“A bra fitting will help you feel comfortable and make you feel sexy,” Fusco said.

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