A new fitness tracker can help you crunch your fitness hours

Fitbit has announced it will start selling a fitness tracker that can track your steps, calories burned and even your sleep, with a range of options for men and women.

The Fitbit Blaze can track the number of steps you take, how many calories you burn and the amount of sleep you get, but it will only track how long you’re active and not the amount you’re sleeping.

The Blaze comes in four versions: Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Flex, Fitpad and Fitpad Max.

The Fitbit Fitbit Surge will also be available in these versions later this year.

The Charge has a more advanced fitness tracking feature, while the Flex will track your heart rate and sleep cycles.

It also supports the newest Fitbit smartwatch and smartwatch bands.

Fitbit says it’s aiming to launch the Blaze in the second half of 2018.

“When it comes to smart watches, the Blaze has the widest range of wearables and features,” said Justin Schmitt, chief marketing officer for Fitbit.

“It also provides the most advanced fitness features for our users.”

“The Fitbits Charge, Flex and Surge all come with a smartwatch that supports heart rate tracking, sleep tracking and a built-in sleep monitor,” he added.

“With the Blaze, we are building a smart watch that will be available to all Fitbit users in the first half of this year.”

It’s a new addition to Fitbit’s lineup of fitness trackers, which have been on sale since 2016. 

The Blaze is the latest in a line of smart fitness tracker models that have included the Fitbit M, Fittech Surge, Fitbits Fenix, Fitband, FitBand Max, Fitbite Surge and the FitBit Charge.

The new fitness trackable is also designed for women.

Fitbits Fitbit Dash has a wrist-worn sensor that allows it to track steps, sleep and calories burned, as well as heart rate.

FitBit says the Dash is also “one of the most intuitive fitness trackrs on the market.”

It will also have a smart home feature, a smart hub for the Blaze and a battery life of up to five hours.

Fitbit’s new smartwatch is the company’s latest offering that has come with smart features.

The company recently released a new smart fitness tracker called Fitbit Pro, which was priced at $250.

It is also available in three different colors, and the company says it is now offering an additional four colors for $100 each.

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