How to Overcome Your Fitness Fears


For most people who don’t regularly go to the gym or have recently started a new workout regimen, the gym can be an intimidating space to exercise. Self-consciousness can get in the way of a solid workout and for some, might even prevent them from going in the first place.
Getting over your anxiety of exercising around other people is the first step to regularly working out. Here are some tips that can help get you overcome your fitness fears.

Create a Regimen

For some people, their gym anxiety stems from not wanting to be outed as an exercise amateur. The fear of misconducting a work out can stop some people from going to the gym. If you are inexperienced, it’s better to start off with something simple and relatively easy according to your fitness level.
You can’t just dive into an intense workout and expect to be comfortable with the exercises right off the bat. Exercise takes time; you have to be patient when it comes to your regimen. At first, it may not feel like you are making progress but in reality, you’re slowly conditioning your body so that you can work out more easily in the future.

Performance Anxiety

Have you ever been working out and get the overwhelming feeling that everybody in the gym is staring at you? If so, you’re not alone. This is a very common gym fear for most newcomers. If you feel like you’re not quite at the level of fitness that you should be for a particular exercise, you should try something a bit easier. Otherwise, performance anxiety is solely about getting over your fears of being judged. A gym is most commonly a “judgement-free” environment, there is no need to feel self-conscious about what you’re doing. It takes some time to get used to, but once you overcome your fear you can work out freely.

Make it Fun!

Sometimes, working out can seem like a chore more than something you do for fun. But that’s just it. Exercise IS a chore, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made fun for you. There are ways to work out parts of your body in an entertaining way. For example, boxing is a full body workout that keeps your mind occupied, as well a valuable skill to develop. You can also work out with a group of friends so that you keep things lightly competitive and you have some people to talk to while you exercise.

Dress for the Occasion

Sometimes the things that you wear can inhibit your ability to work out appropriately. If you dress to your comfort level in breathable and flexible clothing, you can move more freely while looking sharp. Pick clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable without sacrificing mobility. Apparel is the first part of working out, so choose wisely!
Hopefully you’re now more prepared to face the gym with a solid workout plan and a new found sense of confidence.

Have you experienced fear of working out at the gym?

How did you deal with it?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.



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